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Anatomy Lesson: Forehead The Refinery Med Spa Georgetown, TX


I wish it was as easy as it looks… but forehead toxin is tricky. Everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, therefore, one injection pattern will not work for everyone.

Plus, the frontalis muscle is the ONLY muscle that elevates the eyebrows. If you over-treat it (too high of a dose), or treat it incorrectly (inject in the wrong location) you can drop someone’s brows.

Now that may not seem like a big deal, and it might not be for some. However, depending on the degree of ptosis, this can be a horrible complication for someone to experience.

Swipe through all the slides to see why this area is difficult to treat.

And be patient with your injector. Especially if it is your first time seeing them. Their goal is to make you look and feel good. And sometimes that takes more than one session.

When it is your first time being treated by a provider it may not be perfect after the first dose, and that is ok!
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Diagram of muscles in the face
muscle groups of the face diagram
The frontal is one of the most difficult muscles to treat for this reason
Why should you care? The frontalis is the ONLY brow elevator
This is brow ptosis (brow drop) graphic of simon cowel
Not the same as eyelid ptosis

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