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Emsella The Refinery Med Spa Georgetown, TX

Introducing Emsella

Do you pee when you sneeze, cough, jump, or laugh?

Non invasive stimulation of pelvic floor muscles

Dealing with a weak core or pelvic floor muscles?

Well, spoiler alert… you’re not alone!

We’ve suffered in silence for too long! It’s NOT “normal” to lose control of your bladder after kids. But who wants to deal with inserting electrodes or undergoing surgical procedures to manage the effects of a weak pelvic floor?

Decreased urinary incontinence and increased sensitivity during intercourse

Enter: Emsella

The same amazing HIFEM technology used in Emsculpt Neo… but designed specifically to target the muscles of the pelvic floor!

One 28 minute session is equivalent to 12000 kegels

Non-invasive… stay fully clothed during the 28 minute Emsella procedure!

95% of study participants showed improvement in quality of life

I know I’m not alone in dealing with these embarrassing effects of birthing children.

We understand what it feels like to wake up and not feel confident in your appearance. We also understand the concern that aesthetic treatments will change the way you look. At The Refinery we want you to feel confident in our promise to provide you with the most natural results possible. Our aim is not to change the way you look, but to enhance your already beautiful features. We all hope to age gracefully. At The Refinery we focus on prevention to preserve your youthful appearance as long as possible. We have found that prevention in combination with evidence-based treatments gives our patients the ability to “feel like themselves again”. Find out how The Refinery can help you feel like yourself again with a no-obligation consultation today. During your in-depth, comprehensive appointment, we’ll listen to your story, explore your options, and help you find the best way to refine your look.

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