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Anatomy Lesson: LipsThe Refinery Medical Aesthetics

Anatomy Lesson: Lips

In relation to dermal fillers lips often get a bad rap. I think that’s because it is so easy to do them wrong.

Lip anatomy is incredibly complex and can vary widely from person to person. This must be considered when approaching any filler treatment in the lips.

What one person considers “ideal” can be completely different than another person’s dream lips.

Ideal lip proportions

There are, however, a few standard “truths”about lips in the aesthetics world

  1. Natural = good, overdone = bad (duh)
  2. Reaching your lip goals can require several treatments at several different appointments
  3. Filler migration is a thing, and steps must be taken to avoid this
graphic showing the different parts of the lips and mouth

When I approach a lip treatmenthere’s what I’m looking at:

  1. Is the patient’s goal reasonable? Have pencil thin lips and want to look like Kylie? You’ll either need to adjust your goals or find another injector.
  2. What aspects of the lip shape need to be addressed? Height, projection, both?
  3. How close to “ideal proportions” are we to start with? How much product will it take us to get there?
  4. Do the lips truly need to be treated? Or are there other facial structures that need to be addressed?
  5. Which product and injection technique will create the most natural result for this patient?
A few of my favorite lips - 6 pictures of lips

Check out a few of my favorite lips from some of the very best injectors above. Which is your favorite?

  1. @the_plastic_pa
  2. @theprincessinjector
  3. @rumaaesthetics
  4. @juliehornelips
  5. @the_plastic_pa

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